Don’t End Up in a Troublesome Transaction

Real estate attorney in Hollywood, Florida

Handling a real estate transaction requires a significant amount of time, money and energy. There are many processes and intricacies involved with purchasing real estate, many of which are hard to navigate. You should have an experienced real estate attorney by your side to guide you through the process. With Claudia Y. Barona’s significant experience in real estate, you will get the outcome you want for your transaction without any headaches.

Customer Service at its Finest

Expert legal experience like a major law firm with the quality care and customer service of a small firm

Claudia Y. Barona offers the ultimate flexibility in cases by being able to speak fluently in Spanish & English. A study done in 2013 from a Florida news association (The Tampa Bay Times) reveals that almost 1/3rd of all Floridians speak a language outside of English, with majority of that language being Spanish.

Claudia Y. Barona has proven experience handling tough cases that involve fluent use of both languages. Find out why so many clients trust and continue to refer Claudia to handle all their real estate cases.

Come to our real estate attorney in Hollywood, Florida for buyer and seller representation. For buyers, Claudia Y. Barona will help her clients protect their money. You can also count on our law firm to:

  • Interpret contracts with unusual language
  • Go over contracts, sales and agreements
  • Assist with any lawsuits or other legal elements

For sellers, our attorney will make sure your contract is appropriate and well-crafted. You can lean on our attorney to draft all necessary documents throughout the entire process. Before taking additional steps with your transaction, hire our real estate attorney in Hollywood, Florida today!